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Just call her the ‘Thrilla from Wasilla’

Just weeks after attempting to take on Letterman for ‘what he really is’ (uh hem, a hilarious, sarcastic comedian with more fans than Alaska has constituents?), here she is again taking up time that could have contained valuable news information to announce that she — the noble maverick that we’ve all come to love — just can’t handle the pressure anymore and will be stepping down as governor nearly a year and a half before her term is over.

Attributing the surprising move to the whirlwind of negative media coverage she’s recevied (or sought, depending who you talk to…) along with a series of “insane,” frivolous ethical complaints that were costing her, and apparently the state of Alaska, nearly $2 million to investigate, Palin made it clear she was doing the best thing for Alaska by quitting. really, really early.  Now the media are wildly speculating on what Palin’s ulterior motives are, which we all know she has, being the spin-doctor she is. I don’t know about you, but if her stint with Letterman didn’t have me concerned over the lengths she’ll go to attract media attention, this definitely does.

First of all, Sarah, most politicians understand that, while re-election is certainly desirable, one term may be all you get. With that reality check in mind, most would think those who still run for office have an interest in changing politics for the better and enhancing their community with policy good for everyone, regardless of how many terms you serve. I mean, silly me, but I was under the impression that public service was service for the good of the public, not service for the good of the public as long as I get re-elected. So the whole, “I don’t want to be a lame duck,” excuse doesn’t sit well with me because, um, well, you shouldn’t be!! Here’s a tip for you, Sarah: you never let down those who are counting on you by telling them you just can’t bear to let them down, so you’re letting them down. You signed up to be governor, to change “politics as usual” only to turn around and back out of your commitment because you didn’t get your way. It just does not make sense. Not to me and, hopefully, not to the rest of the country either.

The media can speculate all they want. There is only one word to describe why she did what she did, and only one word will come to mind when I hear Sarah Palin: weak.


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